Monday, April 11, 2011

Yay for Gogo's Crazy Bones!

I received my Gogo's Crazy Bones Bonanza party pack today! It's FULL of Crazy Bones! I really didn't know what they were, but my 7-year-old apparently knows all about them. We sent out invitations for the big day but I'm not sure if my kiddos can hold off any longer! They're dying to tear open that package! LOL!!

If you're wondering what in the world Crazy Bones are...

Gogo's are small colorful characters that come in hundreds of colors and designs, each one with a unique name, design, personality and special ability. Kids of all ages have fun collecting, trading and playing with Gogo's Crazy Bones!

Gogo's were inspired by games from ancient Greece where children played by bouncing and throwing sheep knuckle bones. Today’s Gogo’s are reminiscent of old school favorites such as marbles and jacks, with a modern twist! Each Gogo has a unique number for collecting and designed so you can hold and throw with one finger.

Each Gogo's Series has about 80 different Gogo's in five different colors, some of which are rarer than others, each with a unique face and name. You can find Series 1 – The Originals, in stores now. Series 2 – The Evolution Series, will hit stores near you in May 2011 and Series 3 – Gogo’s Explorer Series will arrive in August 2011!

Sounds fun!!

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