Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Reusable Bag from Riesling

Why Reusable Shopping Bags? Each year, Americans throw away 100 billion polyethylene plastic bags. Aside from demanding fossil fuels for production of the bags and occupying space in landfills, many of these bags go airborne and become detrimental to sewers, waterways and rivers — and are harmful to fish, birds and other wildlife.

Get your free reusable shopping bag from Riesling by emailing the following template to Riesling;

Email to: info@rieslingrules.com

Subject Line: Sustainable Shopping Bag Offer

Body of Email: I'm passionate about Riesling and building awareness of our precious rivers and waterways. Please mail my free SAVE WATER/DRINK RIESLING reusable shopping bag to the following address {name and address here}

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