Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kmart Doubles 4-19

I had a superb trip to Kmart today... make that trips, my DH wanted to make a run himself...look at him wanting to be all frugal and use some coupons! Here's what I got today;

2 Oust ($2 q)
2 Febreeze ($1.50 q)
2 Dawn Hand Renewal ($1.50 q)
4 Fantastic ($1 q)
4 Kelloggs Cereal ($1 q)
2 Temptations Cat Treats ($1 q)
2 Revlon Eye Shadow ($2 q)
5 Vaseline Lotion (4 $1 coupons and one $1.25 coupon)
2 Glade Carpet Fresh ($1 q)

Used the $5 off $50

Paid $1.81 on my gift card from previous cereal deal last doubles
Earned $5 gift card
... the receipt didn't print out for the MIR so they ended up giving me a credited gift card right there!! WOOHOO!

After breakfast we stopped by Kmart, here's what "he" got: (I say he, but all he did was push the cart, hand over q's, gift card and bag the items! lol)

2 Oust ($2 q)
2 Glade Carpet Fresh ($1 q)
4 Hormel Completes (.75 q)
4 Febreeze ($1.50 q)
4 Dawn Hand Renewal ($1.50 q)
4 Kelloggs Cereal ($1 q)
4 Temptations Cat Treats ($1 q)

Used the $5 off $50
Total: $3.47, paid on gift card, received receipt for $5 MIR for Kelloggs cereal!

My daughter bought more cat treats for the neighbor's cat, that was $0.07 for 4 bags!

Not too bad.. things went very smoothly and the CS was awesome!!!!! My store managers are really great!

Total Saved today: $161.36
Gift Card Earned: $5 (Profit!) and $1.53 remaining on another GC

***** Did you make it to your local Kmart today? How was your trip? *****

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